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Company profile

DOMKAT, s.r.o. was founded in August 2003 with the goal to continue the tradition of Czech machine engineering, which dates back to the time when the country was part of the Austro– Hungarian Empire and the industry established here after the rise of the independent Czechoslovakia for a long time exported products under the brand "Made in Czechoslovakia".  The company operates in the area of the development and production of bed, chair and table hydraulic pumps. Since its establishment, the company with its products – MEDACT - H brand bed, chair and table hydraulic pumps has focused on supplies to manufacturers of medical beds, couches, chairs, surgical tables, bathtub lifts for use in bathrooms and veterinary treatment tables where it is not possible for user reasons to use electric drives. The special technical modification of the MEDACT - H bed pump with lock is also used in the production of bariatric beds.

At the beginning of its operations, the company made only one type of bed jack; currently it offers a wide range of bed, chair and table hydraulic pumps as well as professional consulting services.

The company bases its development and activities not only on its own expertise and creative potential, but also on close co-operation with technical universities and renowned foreign manufacturers of medical furniture.

The MEDACT- H brand bed, chair and table pumps from DOMKAT, s.r.o. sell successfully in an environment of tough competition on the domestic market and are gaining popularity year-on-year, with the number of customers in Europe, Asia and on the American continent constantly rising. In all these places, thousands of beds and chairs equipped with MEDACT- H hydraulic, bed pumps from DOMKAT, s.r.o. are used; manufacturers of hospital beds, chairs and tables take advantage of the benefits of the MEDACT- H bed, chair and table pumps for medical and other, height-adjustable furniture.


LL-C Certificate
The quality management system is applicable to the development, manufacturing and sale of hydraulic equipment and components for general purposes.
GOST Certificate
The certificate of conformity complies with the certification system of the Russian Federation.
AVDZP A member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices since 2011.
DOMKAT, s.r.o., U Rybníka 1922/17, 586 01 Jihlava, Česká republika
+420 567 210 057
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