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Czech manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic jacks

DOMKAT, s.r.o. operates in the development and manufacture of hydraulic jacks. It produces all components in the Czech Republic. From the beginning, it supplies the manufacturers of medical beds, chairs, surgical (MAYO) tables, bath jacks for bathrooms, veterinary examination tables and bariatric beds with its products - MEDACT-H bed, chair, table and bariatric jacks. We founded it in August 2003 and continued the traditions of the Czech engineering industry. It has its origins at the time when today’s Czech Republic was part of Austria-Hungary. After the establishment of independent Czechoslovakia, it exported products under the brand “Made in Czechoslovakia” for a long time. Today, we are still proud that we can sincerely state “Made in Czech Republic”.

​​​​​At the beginning of its activity in 2003, Domkat, s.r.o. produced only one type of bed jack. Today we offer our partners a wide range of hydraulic jacks. Expert consultations, modifications and development are a common part of today’s operation.

Domkat, s.r.o. bases its development and activities on creative potential and know-how. We cooperate with technical colleges. Many renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers of medical furniture have chosen us as a supplier.

MEDACT-H hydraulic jacks produced by DOMKAT, s.r.o. successfully operate in demanding conditions of domestic and foreign market. Year by year they are getting more and more popular. Our partners around the world can rely on us, therefore every day more jacks are added to the tens of thousands of MEDACT-H jacks by DOMKAT already installed. The numbers speak for our quality. Thanks to careful control, we now have a ratio of produced and reclaimed pieces of < 0.002 % and we continue to work on ourselves. Our partners trust us, join them.

Unique features of jacks

load choices locking device
blokace adjustable load
pracovní náklon adjustable tilt
nerezová ocel stainless steel
Modifications of jacks are changed according to customer’s request own design department

Examples of hydraulic jack applications