Domkat - Czech manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic jacks


We understand that fast installation into final assemblies matters! We therefore focus on your productivity.

Why choose us?:

  • We save you valuable installation time and resources.
  • We can meet your design requirements, including new solutions.
  • We subject all developmental changes to stress tests.

We work on comprehensive design solutions. The MEDACT-H 09.04.1 is a perfect example of this. It does not need covering and the high-quality stainless steel design ensures durability. It is resistant to sanitizing agents. Installation is quick, easy and therefore cheap.

Are you facing new challenges? Let’s work something out together!


Unique features of jacks

load choices locking device
blokace adjustable load
pracovní náklon adjustable tilt
nerezová ocel stainless steel
Modifications of jacks are changed according to customer’s request own design department

Examples of hydraulic jack applications