Domkat - Czech manufacturer of high-quality hydraulic jacks

Company profile

DOMKAT was founded in August 2003 and focuses on the development and manufacture of hydraulic jacks. We are proud to continue the strong tradition of Czech engineering, the history of which has its roots in the Austro-Hungarian empire. After the fall of the monarchy, products were exported as “Made in Czechoslovakia”, the newly established independent state at the time. Today, we are extremely proud to be able to say that all our products are produced in the Czech Republic. Likewise, we are proud of the fact that our products are incorporated in those of the manufacturers of high-quality medical beds, chairs, surgical (MAYO) tables, bath jacks for bathrooms, veterinary examination tables and bariatric beds. 

In the beginning, Domkat only produced one type of bed jack. Today, in contrast, we offer our partners a wide range of hydraulic jacks, with expanded activities including professional consultations, product modifications and development. As a result, many renowned domestic and foreign manufacturers of height-adjustable medical and therapeutic furniture have chosen us as their supplier.

Domkat not only bases its operations and development activities on the creative potential and know-how of its employees, but also that of students. It is for this reason that we closely cooperate with technical colleges. 

Our MEDACT-H hydraulic jacks successfully operate in demanding conditions on both domestic and foreign markets (Europe, Asia, America). They are becoming more popular by the year because our partners around the world know they can rely on us. The numbers speak for themselves and reflect the high quality of our products. Our ISO 9001 certified quality management system for the development, manufacture and sale of hydraulic equipment and components for general purposes has resulted in fewer than 0.002% claims. Despite this success, we are not complacent and continue to work on ourselves. It is in on this basis that our partners trust us. Why not join them?

ISO 9001 quality management system for the development, production and sale of hydraulic equipment and components for general purposes.


The MEDACT- H brand bed, chair and table pumps from DOMKAT, s.r.o. sell successfully in an environment of tough competition on the domestic market and are gaining popularity year-on-year, with the number of customers in Europe, Asia and on the American continent constantly rising. In all these places, thousands of beds and chairs equipped with MEDACT- H hydraulic, bed pumps from DOMKAT, s.r.o. are used; manufacturers of hospital beds, chairs and tables take advantage of the benefits of the MEDACT- H bed, chair and table pumps for medical and other, height-adjustable furniture.



LL-C Certificate
The quality management system is applicable to the development, manufacture and sale of hydraulic equipment and components for general purposes.

GOST Certificate
The certificate of conformity complies with the certification system of the Russian Federation.

AVDZP A member of the Association of Manufacturers and Suppliers of Medical Devices since 2011.


Unique features of jacks

load choices locking device
blokace adjustable load
pracovní náklon adjustable tilt
nerezová ocel stainless steel
Modifications of jacks are changed according to customer’s request own design department

Examples of hydraulic jack applications