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MEDACT H - 1.200.0

The MEDACT-H 1 bed jack, is a manually controlled, hermetically sealed, single-action hydraulic pump with sliding piston rod (plunger). It is designed for the height adjustment of:

  • nhospital beds, including children´s beds.
  • stretchers and therapeutic couches.

The advantages of the MEDACT – H 1 hydraulic bed jack are:

  • Complete independence from electric power.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • Maintenance-free and noiseless operation.
  • It enables work operations in any position while maintaining the declared technical specifications.
  • If necessary, the fork attachment makes it easy for the manufacturer of hospital beds to flexibly replace electric drives.
Stroke [mm] 200
Load [N] 10000
Working tilt [°] 360
Tread angle [°] 45
Blocking Optional

Unique features of jacks

load choices locking device
blokace adjustable load
pracovní náklon adjustable tilt
nerezová ocel stainless steel
Modifications of jacks are changed according to customer’s request own design department

Examples of hydraulic jack applications